Important Traffic and Parking Information for Prairie View Homecoming

There will be two concerts; one on Friday and one on Saturday.  Both concerts will be held in the area located just behind the stadium, which may cause concern for the citizens living in that area due to the music.    

On Saturday the 27th of October, the parade will begin at 9:00am.  Staging for the parade will affect traffic on University. We will close University starting at 8:00am Saturday morning and open it up again at 10:00am.

Traffic on FM 1098 will be monitored all day by PVPD patrol and there will be NO parking allowed on the concrete shoulder due to the crowds; we will allow parking on the grassy area.

We will set up a wrecker rotation and any vehicle parked there not occupied will be towed.

Vehicle that are occupied will be ticketed.

We will have these posted on our website.    


Anthony Solomon
Chief of Police
Prairie View Tx. 77446