FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Investigation Update

June 23, 2014
Office of Mayor Frank Jackson

Update:  Investigation into the Call for Assistance at 316 Business U.S. 290
At approximately 11:00 p.m. on March 8, 2014, Waller County dispatched a call for wheelchair assistance to a  City of Prairie View patrol officer.  The officer was dispatched to University Drive and Owen Road.  The officer arrived at the location, searched the area, and notified Waller County dispatch that the officer was unable to locate the caller.  The officer requested a better location for the caller.  While waiting for additional  information, the officer continued his search.  At approximately 11:38 p.m. the officer was informed by Waller County dispatch that the caller had contacted dispatch and given them a different location of 316 Business U.S. 290.  The officer requested the phone number of the caller, called the number twice, and did not receive an answer.  The officer arrived at the location and notified dispatch that he was on location.  According to the audio received from Waller County, the responding officer was never informed by Waller County dispatch that the caller was located in the backyard.  The officer knocked on the front door and there was no answer.  The officer again tried, unsuccessfully, to reach the caller on the cell number provided by dispatch.  After his unsuccessful attempts to locate or reach the caller, the officer returned to patrol.