Republic of Colombia Senator Edinson Delgado Visits Prairie View

Republic of Colombia Senator Edinson Delgado and His Delegation from Guachené, Sister City, Visits Prairie View and Hempstead, Texas

SenatorDelgadoThe City of Prairie View, Texas is proud to receive its Sister City, International Guachené, Cauca, Colombia. Honoring with his presence is the Senator of the Republic of Colombia, Dr. Edinson Delgado and his wife, Cauca Health Department Director, Dr. Luz Nidia Martinez Oliveros, Dr. Francisco Paz Zapata, Mayor of the City of Guachené and his wife, Ximena Bastidas Cabrera, City of Guachené Social Director and Attorney, Mr. Eliecer Ibarguen, Industrial Relations Director of the City of Guachené, Yescenia Perea, Institutional Relations Director, Antonio Jose Camacho University.  This visit is the follow-up to the agreement signed in June 2013 to carrying out activities of benefit to both sister cities.

Mr. Frank D. Jackson, Mayor of the City of Prairie View, and his wife, Waller County Judge, Marian Elaine Jackson, Bryan Rowland, City Council and First Vice President of Prairie View Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Shelytha Alexander-Simmons, Municipal Judge, and Amparo Isaza-Navarrete, Sister City International Coordinator for the Cities of Prairie View and Hempstead and Recruitment Coordinator for the Brailsford College of Arts & Science at Prairie View A&M University, all met to discuss an action plan for immediate implementation at the cities of Prairie View and Hempstead, Texas and Guachené, Cauca Colombia.

Senator Edinson Delgado of the Republic of Colombia on his visit to the city of Prairie View, Texas mentioned that one of its priorities is to ensure that the young people of low financial resources of Colombia obtain a high-quality education, as this is the polo of personal development, family of their community and the country.  This is why he is visiting, to support the mayor of Guachené and other leaders of Northern Cauca and of Buenaventura in developing a firm commitment among the sister cities of  Prairie View, Hempstead and Guachené, and take advantage of the potential for growth and technology.

Yescenia Perea, Antonio Jose Camacho University Institutional Relations Director ratifies the accompaniment to the municipality of Guachené in the twinning agreement with the city of Prairie View. Mrs. Perea mentioned “As an actor of this academic purpose we provide our institutional capacity to benefit the disadvantaged populations in areas of social and economic development more equitable. We understand that the platform of any initiative between our countries is a common language, and that is why we propose to start a program in English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Second Language to be implemented in both cities according to its needs. Subsequently, our vision is the development of student exchanges and internships, research projects and joint-degree programs.”

Ximena Bastidas Cabrera mentioned “as the social director of the Municipality of Guachené, I feel privileged and blessed to be part of this delegation representing Guachené to support, make possible these projects to move forward, to ensure that our community has the opportunity to handle the English language, to study abroad, and to improve the quality of life through education, as this is the tool for eradicating poverty.”

The City of Prairie View Texas, Mayor Frank D. Jackson, and City of Hempstead Texas, Mayor Michael S. Wolfe, Jr. with the support of all their government officials and citizens gave a very warm welcome to these dignitaries who are looking at both cities with expectations to grow and learn from each other.  As Mrs. Amparo Isaza-Navarrete mentioned, “We all are working to leave the prints in the sand for future generations to follow.”