H-GAC Prairie View Livable Centers Study

Project Overview

In partnership with the Houston-Galveston Area Council, the City of Prairie View is embarking on a Livable Centers Study.


Established in 2008 through H-GAC, Livable Centers strives to create places where people can live, work, and play with less reliance on their cars. The goal of this study is to bring Livable Centers to Prairie View through the facilitation and creation of walkable, mixed-use place that provide multimodal transportation options, improve environmental quality, improve pedestrian safety, and promote economic development.

Livable Centers

Link - Livable Centers | Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC)


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Study Boundaries

The study area is located south of Prairie View A&M University, bordered on the north by Owens Road, to the south by Texas Highway 290, to the east by Santee Street, and the west by Sandra Bland Parkway. The study area is identified as the city’s Central Business District and currently contains single-family homes, restaurants, a convenience store, the Prairie View Federal Credit Union, and swaths of undeveloped land. While this study focuses on the area within this boundary, all residents are encouraged to participate in the planning process.



Study Area Map


Project Tasks and Schedule

This study is separated into five stages: the Needs Assessment, Conceptual Plan, Conceptual Renderings, Implementation Plan, and the Report Production. Each stage will include public engagement to ensure the plan is meeting the needs and desires of the community.

  • Needs Assessment: This process involves the study and evaluation of existing conditions in Prairie View as it relates to the Livable Centers Study.
  • Conceptual Plan: This phase includes the formulation and recommendation to create a unique, heritage-based city center for Prairie View.
  • Conceptual Rendering: This process with refine the conceptual plan and create a design and costs estimates that illustrate the proposed city center.
  • Implementation Plan: This stage will identify proposed actions that will work toward the creation of a Livable Center in Prairie View. This may include operational changes, capital projects, partnerships, or ordinance changes.
  • Report Production: This final step in the planning process which includes the collection of finding and recommendation into a final document to be adopted by the City of Prairie View.


 Survey Link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GXDQ7ZF


 Prairie View LC City Website Materials



This page will be updated throughout the planning process including ways to participate, public engagement results, and plan deliverables. Please contact Louis Cutaia, lcutaia@halff.com with any questions, comments, or requests for additional information.